Welcome to Family Psychology Solutions

Family therapist in Teesside
Family Psychology Solutions offers specialist services for families and children, and the professionals, practitioners and organisations who work with them. Our core provision is working with complex relationship issues, particularly where there is hostility, conflict, rejection, alienation or estrangement.

We deliver our training, consultancy and expert witness services throughout the country. Interactive, responsive training is designed to meet the needs of legal professionals, mental health practitioners, family workers and those who work in social care and education.

We believe …
• … healthy, loving childhood relationships are key to sustainable, resilient and caring relationships throughout life.
• … in a compassionate approach which focuses on promoting personal and parental responsibility.
• … that children and families benefit from timely, accessible, affordable, appropriate services and support.

Consultancy services are available to address challenges with individual cases as well as to improve organisational policy, procedure and practice.

Information on our training and consultancy can be found here.

“Thank you so much for your support. I cannot express enough my relief in finding someone who believes me and understands what is happening. I had given up hope.”

Our tailored therapeutic work is based on global research evidence and clinical experience. We offer timely, affordable interventions for children, adults and families. All of our practitioners and psychologists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council or accredited with a professional body, and we are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.

You can find out more about the therapy we offer here.