Couples, Family and Group Therapy

Couples, Family and Group Therapy

When a relationship begins to falter, there can be a tendency to “blame” your partner. This is a quite a normal response. We may consciously blame or we not be aware why we are placing the fault firmly in the other person’s court. The fact remains, there is rarely one simple identifiable factor which is the sole cause of any difficulties. Individual characteristics, behaviours and the dynamics in any relationship all have a part to play. The most effective therapy acknowledges this.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy usually involves both partners working with a therapist to discuss their difficulties, identify causes, set goals and to consider and implement collaborative interventions. From time to time, each partner may have an individual session with the therapist, but the main therapeutic work is carried out with the couple.

Family therapy

At Family Psychology Solutions we often work with separated families where there has been conflict, hostility and difficulty maintaining relationships. Our counselling and therapeutic interventions are aimed at enabling you to adjust to life as a separated family. We work to acknowledge your individual differences and enable you to maintain healthy and supportive parent-child relationships. From time to time, we find some parents are quite resistant to the idea of family therapy – without having a good understanding of what is involved.
We begin with a compassionate approach, often meeting each person individually to try and develop a good understanding of the difficulties from their perspective. Therapy is not about “blame” – it is about understanding, education and commitment to change. As therapy progresses we see various groupings – mum and one child, dad and two children, all children together, one parent with all children, parent, step-parent and child. There is no set pattern – our interventions are based on the particular needs of your family. Sometimes we work towards the whole family being able to meet and work together; sometimes we accept that this is not possible at this moment in time.

Irrespective of the format we take and the details of the therapeutic interventions – our focus remains on the needs of the child or children, their current mental health, well-being and welfare and their future well-being, social and relationship functioning. The overwhelming evidence suggests that most children fare best when both parents maintain an active involvement in all aspects of their day-to-day life. If we feel parents would benefit from specific individual support for their needs, this can also be arranged.

Group therapy

Group therapy typically involves a small group of people with a shared experience or issue and a therapist. Members of the group usually start by introducing themselves during the first session after which they are encouraged to discuss their experiences and progress. The sessions are confidential and you are usually, though not always, expected to commit to a certain number of sessions. Some sessions may involve discussion only; others may involve group activities such as skill development or problem solving. There is no pressure to take part in the activities; for some it can take a little while just observing before they feel ready to talk about their own experience.

At Family Psychology Solutions we aim to offer appropriate group therapy sessions for those affected by family breakdown. These are often developed in collaboration with partner organisations.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up a support group or a therapeutic group, please contact us here.