Individual Therapy

Children & Young People

All children and young people are affected by family change – divorce, separation and the formation of new families. They may become withdrawn, behave out of character or visibly troubled – acting out or resorting to risky or harming behaviours.
Where there is conflict between separating parents, this can be particularly distressing and damaging for children. A child may feel they are to blame or that it is their responsibility to smooth over the hostility. Older children may begin to feel responsible for one parent – taking on an inappropriate adult role in the family. Children may be drawn into taking sides. Outwardly, some children may appear to be coping well. This often masks the underlying emotional distress they are experiencing. Others may reject a relationship with one of their loving, caring parents as a means of reducing the emotional turmoil they experience.

We provide a safe space for children and young people to explore their feelings, to express their worries and to develop healthier strategies for managing their life and their new family structure.


Family Psychology Solutions is here for anyone who has been affected by relationship difficulties or family breakdown at any point in their life. You may be an adult who lost contact with a parent many years ago. You may be grandparent, who is currently cut off from your grandchildren. You may be a new parent, aware that there are many unanswered questions about your own childhood and family history. You may find yourself struggling with current relationships, experiencing anxiety or depressive symptoms, feeling incomplete, lost or “stuck”.

Relationship difficulties and the ending of a relationship can often bring to the surface many emotions – anger, frustration, sadness, loss, jealousy, rejection, hate. These are often difficult to manage, and can affect behaviour. You may begin to act out of character, or behave in ways which you dislike or don’t quite understand. There may be blame, thoughts of revenge or increased worry and anxiety. You may be concerned about maintaining your relationship with your children, or how to keep them safe.

We can offer you a safe, supportive space to understand your reactions, consider reparative work or to come to terms with the end of your relationship. Our aim is to enable you to move on with your life. If you have children, we aim to help you to ensure their continued care and healthy relationships. If your relationship has ended, we help you to understand why, to develop more effective coping strategies and better ways of managing your ongoing relationship with your former partner.